Bevin on Political Ads, Amazon Hub, Pension Bill
By West Kentucky Star Staff
PADUCAH - Governor Matt Bevin discussed political advertising for the May primary election, the pension crisis, and the new Amazon hub in northern Kentucky in his latest radio interview.

Bevin is running for re-election, and while other candidates in both parties are focusing on him in their advertising, the incumbent said he prefers to talk about what he's done and plans to do.

He says his ads are, "reminding people of where we've come along the way in the last few years, and the fact that we just have a whole lot of upside ahead of us. This is really the joy of this position, to help Kentucky become the greatest version of itself, and it's been an amazing amount of progress that we've made, but boy, we have so much more upside potential, it's incredible."

Bevin said television viewers will see lots of political ads over the next week, with many of them negative. He reminded listeners that many of those ads are paid for by political action committees and the candidates have no control over their content. 

"But, ads that I have the ability to control, I just believe in taking the high road. Talk about what you're doing, what you're gonna do. There's no reason to tear other people down," he said.

One of the positive things that's happened was celebrated Tuesday, as Amazon's Jeff Bezos came to northern Kentucky for a groundbreaking ceremony for a new 9-million-square-foot cargo hub for Amazon Prime shipping. It will include parking space for 100 planes.  

Bevin said some people love Amazon and others don't, but, "they have transformed the way in which people buy and sell goods. They're always innovating, always changing. We're also blessed to have stalwarts that frankly, Amazon is trying to catch up with logistically - the UPSs of the world, the DHLs of the world - all of them right here, operating out of Kentucky. We really are the logistical center of the United States."

Regarding the pension issue, Bevin said his bill that will help quasi-government agencies avoid ballooning payments is ready for legislative discussion. 

Bevin said, "I would say there's never been a bill since I've been Governor that has been so thoroughly discussed and prepared and presented to every single member of the legislature as this bill has been. Everybody has it and it's just up to the leadership in the house and the senate to tell me when their people are ready to go. But this is their job and  I'm confident that they'll do it, and I'm ready when they're ready."

You can listen to the complete interview with Gov. Bevin on the podcast page for the Greg Dunker Show - just click the link below.

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Complete interview on Greg Dunker Show podcast page

Published 06:22 PM, Tuesday May. 14, 2019
Updated 10:21 PM, Thursday May. 16, 2019

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